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As a complement to the activities of the 34 th World Congress on Urban Development INTA raises an on-line debate which will run through the digital platform associated Paisaje Transversal.

The objective of this initiative is to establish an outside window through which anyone who wishes to participate virtually in the contents of Congress. Besides the potential network scenarios allow establishing an innovative form of interaction, so that from our portal will be able to raise additional content, ask questions or open alternative discussion forums .

You can find all information regarding this on-line debate below.

The parallel debate on-line  to the 34 th World Congress on Urban Development INTA is divided into two main blocks: the information and interaction. INFORMATION Blog From the Paisaje Transversal and INTA website will provide detailed information on developments in Congress. This was carried out daily reports through the blog, which chronicles in real time via Twitter and Facebook and be able to see videos and photos of the Congress on YouTube and Picasa. To access all this content will provide the following links: You can view real-time chronicle through Twitter ( or through associated hashtag # INTA34. Furthermore, the content will be expanded through Facebook account: Videos will be available on Youtube channel: Photos in the album PICASA INTERACTION Twitter, Facebook and blog allow users to establish a feedback with all the above information. This interaction depends on the success of this online debate and participate in it is very simple. The blog allows comment on the posts that are generated. Thus all the external views be reflected in the blog and participating in the Congress will respond to all questions raised in the comments. This also applies to our Facebook account. Besides who wants to can send us your thoughts on the framed within the themes of the Congress and published in our blog. To contact us should send an email to paisaje.transversal @ As we have stated a hashtag enabled on Twitter (# INTA34) to centralize all the comments and opinions that arise in social networks. For more information, please contact us via the following e-mail paisaje.transversal @

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